REVIEW: Tiki Grove, Gili Trawangan

Hidden in the middle of this tiny tropical island is one of the coolest bars we’ve been in for a .long time.

I don’t mean ‘so-cool-they-ignore-you’.

I mean cool as in ‘Green-Day-on-the-stereo-and-Tiki-Totems-everywhere’.

The welcome was as generous as the gin measures and despite running around like the proverbial blue-arse, we didn’t have to wait for drinks and they kept their smiles.

The music is as cool as the fish taco salsa, and judging by the numbers of people here, they’re doing it right.

The menu is great, the ambience is perfect and the staff are smiley.

What more could you want from your local?

Come here for the founding story – stay here for the music.

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